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If you are taking Audit in a week or so, the i-75 CRAM is perfect for you. Includes all the videos and Final Review Chapter so if you have any areas of weakness that you want to improve on, get enrolled and get kickin! Choose either 8-Day access or the New 15-Day option.

Course Content

Chapter 1 :   Intro to Auditing

Chapter 2 :   Audit Planning and Assessing Risk of Material mis-statement

Chapter 3 :   Audit Internal Control

Chapter 4 :   Evidence Gathering and Audit Assertions

Chapter 5 :   Audit Reporting-

Chapter 6 :   SOC Reporting-

Chapter 7 :   Audit Sampling

Chapter 8 :   Audit Ethics

Chapter 9 :   Ratio Analysis

Chapter 10 :   Audit of Information Technology

Chapter 11 :   Final Review- Audit-Random Testlets and Best Bet Sim Videos

Chapter 12 :   Amazon E-Book-"Must Know" Questions!

Chapter 13 :   What to do Exam Morning to Score 5 Extra Points


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