2023 i-75 FAR CRAM Course!

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If you are taking FAR in a week or so, the i-75 CRAM is perfect for you. Includes all the videos and Final Review Chapter so if you have any areas of weakness that you want to improve on, get enrolled and get kickin! Choose either the 8-Day Access or New 15-Day access.

Course Content

Chapter 1 :   Intro to Accounting for those who need it-or Skip to Ch 2

Chapter 2 :   Cash Basis to Accrual-Adjusting Entries-Deferrals & Accruals

Chapter 3 :   FAR Disclosures and Footnotes-FASB Framework, Segments

Chapter 4 :   Accounts and Notes Receivable

Chapter 5 :   New Revenue Recognition Rules

Chapter 6 :   FAR Income Statement and Accounting Changes

Chapter 7 :   FAR Fixed Assets and Impairments

Chapter 8 :   Leases

Chapter 9 :   Other Liabilities

Chapter 10 :   FAR Bonds

Chapter 11 :   Cash and Cash Equivalents and Statement of Cash Flows

Chapter 12 :   Stockholders Equity

Chapter 13 :   FAR Marketable Securities and other investments

Chapter 14 :   Business Combinations-

Chapter 15 :   FAR Foreign Currency and Hedging

Chapter 16 :   Government Accounting and Reporting

Chapter 17 :   FAR Not For Profit

Chapter 18 :   Earnings Per Share

Chapter 19 :   FAR Accounting for Income Taxes

Chapter 20 :   FAR Inventory