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This option of i-75 Audit is Videos only, The Skinny version of i-75 Audit includes "Videos Only." For just $5 more per month, I recommend the complete i-75 Audit and then you won't need Becker anymore! Email me with any questions, darius@cpaexamtutoring.com or reach out to me on Facebook or Linkedin.

Course Content

Chapter 1 :   Intro to Auditing

Chapter 2 :   Audit Planning and Assessing Risk of Material mis-statement

Chapter 3 :   Audit Internal Control

Chapter 4 :   Evidence Gathering and Audit Assertions

Chapter 5 :   Audit Reporting-

Chapter 6 :   SOC Reporting-

Chapter 7 :   Audit Sampling

Chapter 8 :   Audit Ethics

Chapter 9 :   Ratio Analysis

Chapter 10 :   Audit of Information Technology

Chapter 11 :   Final Review- Audit-Random Testlets and Best Bet Sim Videos

Chapter 12 :   Amazon E-Book-"Must Know" Questions!

Chapter 13 :   What to do Exam Morning to Score 5 Extra Points


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