i-75 Enrolled Agent Exam Part 3-

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Part 3 of the Enrolled Agent Exam is all conceptual and requires a different approach than EA1 and EA2. Much of the instruction in i75 EA3 will be centered around the video explanations in the multiple choice testlets. Take notes while watching the video explanations. Start with Testlet #1 and take some notes. You will see similar but not identical questions in Testlet # 2 and Testlet # 3 etc. In the video explanations, I will be showing you what to look for and you will see your scores impove greatly by Testlet # 4 and Testlet #5. By the time your EA exam comes along, you will have all the confidence and be able to Recognize, Attack, and Move on, what I refer to as the R-A-M method.

Course Content

Chapter 1 :   Representation, Practices and Procedures

Chapter 2 :   Enrolled Agent Exam Testlets and Other Videos. 7 Days


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